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The Big Sing

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

An incredible 1,500 young singers arrived at the iconic Wembley Arena to sing in A Voice in a Million. L Russell reports

This was the biggest concert I had ever taken part in. I felt overjoyed at being able to take part but when I heard I was actually going on stage, I was really nervous.

The day started when me and 26 KTS pupils met up at KTS Towers in in the dining hall. We had an early lunch and were allocated our groups for the day.

The journey down to London was really noisy as everyone was so excited. The arena was really huge, colourful and packed with children and adults. After buying an ice-cream from a handy ice-cream van, we trouped into the mind-blowingly massive hall!

"When I heard I was actually going on stage, I was really nervous"

We then were shown to our seats where we had an afternoon rehearsal breaking up for dinner before the show. Our trip leader then had to make a choice of who was going to represent our school during the banner parade!

Me and two other students were chosen to go on the iconic Wembley stage. We did not have a banner so we improvised using a Sharpie and our t-shirts. I put a K on one shirt a T on another and a s on the next. This spelt out KTS on our t shirts!

The KTS crew of singers outside Wembley Arena

We then had a chance to meet and get photos with the guest stars! They included Simon Cowell's golden buzzer, Fayth Ifil, 16-year-old Instagram star, Olivia-Mae Mulqueeney, Heart FM’s Jonny Meah and singer Brooklyn Wyatt. They were all really nice and signed our shirts and took photos with us.

Then we had the chance to buy some amazing 'merch' and many wore new t-shirts and hats during the show! At 7pm I went backstage with Mae and Lucas to get ready for the banner parade. When I eventually walked on stage I was overwhelmed - there were thousands of people looking at us (including 3,500 parents, including my mum!)

We sang for about an hour then had an interval for 30 minutes before the final half of the show to commence. The show raises money for Adoption UK to help children without parents.

It went really well and was one of the best days ever! We all felt a little sad it was over but remembered a once-in-a-life experience. The coach got back to school just before midnight to be whisked home by our parents.

Photos: L Russell; Video: VIAM


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