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One Guitar, 90,000 Fans

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Year 8 student L Russell reviews Ed Sheeran's live performance at Wembley stadium on his Mathematics tour

"As we arrived at London Wembley Stadium there were already thousands of Ed Sheeran fans five hours before the concert. We wanted to get there nice and early to make sure we left lots of time to get in and explore this famous stadium. Let the Show Commence .The first act was the female singer "Dylan" (not to be confused with the legendary Bob Dylan) who sang soulful songs about relationships and break-ups."

When Sheeran strode on stage, everyone knew they were in for a treat.

"The first act, Dylan who is a singer from the UK who played for about 30 minutes she does allot of songs about relationships and breakups. The next support act was Maisie Peters whose cheerful pop delivery lit up Wembley; you may have heard cate’s Brother and Psycho which is Peter’s anthemic number. With our appetites filled, the countdown for Ed Sheeran was literally put on the massive plasma screen and the 90,000 strong crowd became visibly excited. "

"When Sheeran strode on stage, everyone knew they were in for a treat. As he opened with Tiest the atmosphere was just mind-blowing. He followed this smash with Blow which featured some unreal choreography, massive fireworks and coloured smoke firing out the top of the stage! With the crowd screaming for more, he played hit songs Bad Habits, Castle on the Hill, Shivers and Perfect. He then finished off the night with You Need Me, I don’t Need You. This was a truly fantastic night - I loved it so much!"

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