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Olivia Rodrigo breaks 2 year silence

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Olivia Rodrigo breaks 2 year silence with hit single, Vampire

Olivia Rodrigo is a 20-year-old female artist making her way in the world. Her name is one you may have associated with the song “Driver’s licence”, which went No. 1 globally in 2021. She followed this incredible song with her first ever album “Sour”.

Since then, the world has been anticipating the break of her tense 2 year silence. So it was broken; her new song was released on June 30th. Fans of the singer-songwriter Olivia Rodrigo are thrilled to hear her new single, “Vampire.” The song reached No.1 globally on the same day it was released.

Hearing the title at first, you may have thought it would be hard for the song to succeed. However, she has definitely outdone herself in all areas of songwriting with her new number.

The lyrics are fast paced, and packed with complex vocabulary (eg. six months of torture you sold as some forbidden paradise) that she sings flawlessly. They consist of her telling the current relationship between her and a boy she previously knew, and their past.

At the beginning of the chorus, she almost immediately refers to the metaphor of her title; “I should have known it was strange, you only come out at night.” As the song continues, the chorus blends in more with the analogy of a vampire and a boy who mistreated her, with the thrilling tune instantly energising her listeners.

A line which some people may have been confused by is, “The way you sold me for parts.” This could be traced to the boy exploiting her in the past, or using her in some way. The neighbouring figurative phrases she uses in her single are sensational.

The bridge, which is one of the best parts of the song in my opinion, describes her ex-boyfriend as being heartless and believes that he is practically not right in the head; “How you think is the kind of thing I’ll never understand.” These lyrics fused with a bewitching melody create the most perfect bridge.

Soon after Rodrigo announced her new single, she also made her upcoming album known, Guts, which will come out on the 8th September later this year.

I highly recommend you listen to her new single “Vampire”, and I’m predicting her new album to be yet another hit.

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