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As the Cookie Crumbles

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

M Ellis enters a fantastical world as she reviews a compulsive, fun and riotous game...

In Cookie Run Kingdom you command an army of Cookies to rebuild a fallen kingdom from the ground up. You get to battle cake monsters and massive bosses, and help out other players in the guild. This game deserves 5 stars, but there are some glitches which force it into 4.5.

The game takes place where everything sweet is alive! Witches make the Cookies, who escape into the wonderful world of Cookie Run Kingdom. But there’s also Dark Enchantress Cookie who has taken the Soul Jams from the Ancient Cookies, and Cake Monsters run amok (it makes more sense when you play it). You, and a team of unlikely heroes, must stop Dark Enchantress and restore all the Soul Jams to the Ancient Cookies.

You command Gingerbrave, Wizard Cookie, Strawberry Cookie, Custard Cookie the Third and Chilli Pepper cookie through the increasingly difficult levels. You get to use materials, go on quests and utilise different Cookies you get from the Gacha to assist you on your adventure. However, due to the Gacha probabilities for good cookies being reasonably low, you might not progress for a while if you have bad luck.

There are far too many things you can do, so it's hard to name them all. Despite this, the developers (DEVSIS) are super generous, and whenever the game is down, they will often say sorry with 3,000 FREE crystals. And with the 1st Anniversary, even more rewards await, like treasures, toppings, even free cookies!

Overall, this game is really good, you should definitely try it out. Amazing story and cookies await!


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