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Team Fortress 2

Play on, Windows, Mac, Linux and Steam Deck

In a nutshell 

Team Fortress 2 (TF2) is a first person shooter game where players can choose a character out of nine different classes to play as. Some people may think the game is a little dull as it is now over fifteen years old, but surprisingly, many people are still devoted to the game.

How it works 

There are nine classes to choose from when playing TF2, each with unique abilities and styles of play. It is a game where players are put into two different teams - red and blue, to compete against each other in an attempt to achieve a set goal. 

“The best gamemode is King of the Hill, as it is fast-paced and entertaining”

There are some really good game modes in TF2. In control point gamemode the blue team tries to capture all of the red team’s points which are scattered across the map. While in payload, the blue team tries to push a cart of explosives to the red team’s base. This gamemode is great to play because there need to be players who push the cart and defend it. Whilst on the other team ambushing the cart can be good fun and a challenge. However, the best gamemode is King of the Hill, as it is fast-paced and entertaining, whilst the teams battle for a single point in the middle. Pure chaos! 

How it feels to play TF2 

Playing TF2 is a fun and diverse experience depending on how you want to play the game with multiple game modes, classes, weapons, and playing styles. When starting off, the game may seem difficult and annoying as pretty much everyone will beat you but soon you’ll gain skills and enjoy the addictive gameplay. If you are just starting off playing the  game you can play the game against bots - computer controlled players that can have their difficulty set to anything - easy to impossible.

Best bit

The best part about the game is that it’s completely free, and easy to get. As well as this, it’s addictive and fun to play as you can never know what you will expect from a casual game of TF2. 

I would highly recommend this if you like to play Team Fortress Classic, Fortnite, and other first person shooter games. 


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