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All That Jazz

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

After a three year gap, the KTS Jazz Spectacular returned with a musical triumph, reports J Farrow, who also did the videography!

An amazing night was had by all at The Knights Templars Jazz Spectacular on Saturday 14th of May. It was heart-warming to see the hall filled with guests again after so long without a live performance. The Big Band was conducted by Mrs Johnson and ably assisted by Mr Byers on the piano. Mr Byers also led the Little Big Band made up of students from Years 7,8 and 9.

"Absolutely fantastic the alterative was the Eurovision song contest or the FA cup final but this is so much better. Hugely impressed and looking forward to future performances" - Mr Hutchings

The night was kicked off by a lively rendition of Hit the Road Jack - as soon as the music started you could hear the saxophones beautify playing this swing melody! Three pieces were accompanied by Emily Shackleton singing At Last and Summertime, while Ella Clark sang Feeling Good and Lala sang Sway with Me. In the Big Band Luke Bungay played a total of four amazing sax solos to an amazing standard, Emma Maketis also played an extraordinary solo on the trumpet. A shout out to Tom Shackleton who all throughout the pieces was playing on the drums.

Feeling Good was kicked off by a beat drop from the Big Band.

Summertime was sang soulfully tone by Emily.

Some students who had finished their time at KTS came back to take part in the Jazz Spectacular. This extremely enjoyable evening was brought to an end with songs from The Blues Brothers (Everyone Needs Someone to Love) which included a special sax solo by Alex McCarty who looked the part in 'Brothers hat and sunglasses.

It was clear for all to see that this high-quality performance would not have been possible without the commitment and dedication of Mrs Johnson and Mr Byers. Their enthusiasm and pride in the pupils and the music played was clear for all to see. Two hours of music went by very quickly which is always the sign of an an absolutely unforgettable evening of live music!

Videos: J Farrow


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