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Your World All Boxed Up

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Every wanted to play God? M Ellis reviews this addictive and innovative sandbox genre game

Worldbox is a Pixelated God Simulator Game where you can generate or make your own world, populate it with anything from frogs to robots, and even use explosives to shape your earth. There is no story whatsoever, but you can make your own world (if you want to)! This free-to-play game is available on PC and Mobile.

"Amazing game and the best sandbox EVER - App Store Reviews"

So how do you play the game? Well, it’s up to you, but here’s a basic tutorial.

Place some soil into your landscape, and then choose a land type from the environment options. Land types range from Green Grasslands to Miserable Swamps. Then you can place trees, bush and ores, which is vital for later reasons. Animals are then a priority for food, but bushes can be used instead if you don’t want to kill anything - sheep and chickens are a great option. Finally, once all is ready for population, place a race of your choice in your world. There are four to choose from: humans, basic and easy to monitor; good for starting out are Elves. (They very light and refuse to attack animals); Dwarfs who are very good miners, and have a keen eye for ores; and finally orcs who are very VERY aggressive. They attack all in sight and collect bones from enemies.

After placing at least two of the same race, a city/town will form. You can edit the town’s name and kingdom name to your desire. After about 10 in game years, they will gain a culture, so they can develop new technologies, new transport and new weapons. You can also change the name of the culture.

To speed up growth of culture, use the caffeine located in the extras section, where you can find other useful things aside from coffee. Mush, Zombify, even the mighty Crabzilla. Two different towns can declare war on each other, to take over the opposition’s town. If successful, the town will become part of their kingdom.

Watch them gain boats, windmills, farms, new ores, weapons of mass destruction, armour and even tactics they use in wars. There’s so much more, like natural disasters, demon spawners, zombie infections, dragons, lava rain, acid geysers, nukes, evil mages and so much more. Use sand, soil and slate to craft an amazing world. Use biomes to make islands their own, and bushes, grass

and trees to decorate the desolate lands. There are adorable animals or menacing monsters to populate your land. And test out bombs and superpowers on the beings you placed. Unfortunately, some of these cool features are locked behind VIP, which requires a (one time) pay-out of £10. However, you can unlock one random for free after watching an ad, but you can only keep it for 30 minutes.

Overall, this is amazing game, with incredible design which is an absolute blast. Give it a go if you want to destroy, create or start warfare. I rate it 4 stars because some of the good stuff is locked behind a paywall.

“Absolutely love this game! It’s so cool to watch kingdoms from their humble beginnings build and expand"



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