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The Tower Heroes

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

M Ellis reviews a Roblox Game called Tower Heroes, an adorable game with an amazing set of towers and enemies

Made by developers Smellysuperfart, Hiloh and Radical_box, it is a tower defence game, which is a genre of game where there is a selection of maps and two different areas. The hub, where players can choose their map, the level and where players actually do the defending. Enemies try to attack your base by following a path, so you have to place down towers to defend yourself, upgrading them as more and more waves of difficult enemies try to enter the defence point. Tower Heroes gameplay revolves around you spending your Mana (the game’s currency) to upgrade and place towers as waves of cute slimes, wholesome goblins, huggable aliens and surprisingly pleasant-looking undead creatures. Don’t feel guilty when attacking - they are much more deadly than they seem! Some can even instantly obliterate your base if you aren’t paying attention.

What makes Tower Heroes so unique? Each map has unique enemies and bosses which means you can’t use the same towers for different maps; you have to constantly adapt your strategy and use your head for some difficult maps.

You can even play with up to eight players if you find some maps very hard! There are also many different modes (including Casual and Challenge) which reward you with special items, or Battle Mode, where you team up against another team to see who survives the longest.

The bosses are well designed too, and their theme songs are great too! I like Demise and Branch, two tough cookies but they are worth the time and effort to defeat! Branch grants a new tower and Demise grants a super rare and cool looking skin! They both have incredible themes, out of both of them, I like Branches. It’s called Branch Blitz and it fits the stress of trying to defeat a difficult boss. Of course, you only start out with a few maps and Towers. The starting troops are useful throughout the game, so don’t underestimate them!


The Wizard is a fast attacker with long range and mediocre attack. Luckily, at Level 5, for a small amount of mana you can increase his attack for the rest of the game until you lose or win. He is very good at crowd control!


The Chef is the opposite of the Wizard. It deals lots more damage but has less range. It, when upgraded, has bigger range, lower attack speed, but lots of damage - one of the highest in the game! It costs a lot to be upgraded, so be careful when spending your money

Tower Heroes is an excellent game, with attractive artwork, carefully made characters and an amazing game play. It’s a game that definitely has me coming back, even after a really long time. It’s been up for only two years, yet is still receiving game changing updates and more and more maps, events, towers and enemies. If you want something unique on Roblox, Tower Heroes is a go-to.


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