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A Flying Visit from Hogwarts

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Warners Studios, the makers of Harry Potter, brought a virtual lesson to KTS Towers via the magic of Zoom, writes H Peacock

A team from Warner Brothers took students the many steps that were involved in creating the magnificent magical movies. All the planning that goes into something as simple as Hagrid’s Hut, from illustrating to locating the setting for the hut itself.

“It’s amazing and weird what the studios use,” remarked one student, “everything you do can be used so easily in the movies”.

Incredibly, even your hair trimmings from your next hair cut can be turned into costumes for the characters. The wolfish character Grayback had yak and human hair attached to his torso by the makeup team.

There were many opportunities for students to hone their skills to one day be in the movie making business. A studio representative, Georgia said, “the skills from Lego building to cookery could be used in the movies”. With the filming of the third Fantastic Beasts movie happening as we speak, the future of the magical movie making industries in Britain is strangely looking sparse as most promising workers go to Hollywood. The Warners guides point out that in Hertfordshire there are many job opportunities to work in film.

When asked some students commented on the franchise, one fan said that he would be in Gryffindor and that his favourite character was Newt Scamander. He also said if he was to be in movie making he would be a prop designer.

So, keep an eye out on those end credits for the names of those you might know, you never know who the next Chris Columbus or Regina King might be.


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