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Tomorrow's World: Technology in 2050

Updated: Jun 28

The pace of technological change is dizzying. B Madjaros looks at the next revolutions this sophisticated sector

Over the years, technology has advanced rapidly, helping make life easier and more comfortable. Fifty four years ago, we had the first arcade games come out like Donkey Kong. When compared to modern games, it looks primitive. With new technology like Tesla or 3D printing, it’s difficult to imagine what technology would look like in 26 years. Yet at Newsknight, we believe we can picture how such technology will look. Read on to find out!

The Xpeng Aeroht Evtol flying car

First off, I predict that flying cars will be on the market but they will be too expensive to be available to the masses. However, you will be able to pay for scenic tours of the sky. They will be flying fairly high at 25 metres and there will only be a few registered landing sites. However, the police may not be able to patrol the skies, meaning that criminals can get away with illegal activities like trafficking drugs, crossing country borders and entering private properties. A flying car that could be out and about in 2050 will be the Xpeng Aeroht Evtol, or a second model of it! Until then, a man can only dream…

Next, what would computers be like? Something called quantum computing has emerged recently. It uses quantum mechanics to store a bit as a 1 and a 0 at the same time, called a qubit. This causes an exponential growth in power! In 2050, playing a console or gaming PC would be the equivalent of a GameBoy: rare; like a GameBoy not very good but fun to play around with. Gaming will be Ultra-realistic immersive VR where users have the most realistic experience of a gaming landscape.

Everyone has heard of 3D printing at this point. You use a nozzle to melt plastic and print it in 3 dimensions to make 3D models. 4D printing is the successor of this. However, this is not printing in the 4th dimension. It is simply printing special plastic that can react to certain things like temperature and humidity. You might be thinking ‘How is this useful?’ Well, imagine wearing shoes and it starts raining. Your feet are going to get soaked! Well, the plastic could furl into boots, so you don’t need to worry. After the rain, it becomes sweltering hot. Good thing your shoes can change into sandals! At the moment, the filament (plastic) can only react once before it is unusable but they will have mastered this in 2050.

So, in conclusion, technology will advance quite a lot in the near future but it won’t be like the cities and flying cars that you see in movies. A lot of new technology will pop up that kids of the modern age will not be able to imagine not having, while we don’t need to imagine not having. What technology in this article is the most interesting for you?

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