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Elon Musk's Neuralink: Genius or madness?

Updated: Jun 14

Written by: B Madjaros

You may have heard about Elon Musk’s Neuralink. The brain chip which will string us to the future with the power of neurological impulses! Perfect for people who have the serious condition of quadriplegia. With the brain chip, you gain the power to control technology. Like in the sci - fi films.

Noland Arbaugh was the first person to have had the neurolink implanted after a horrific diving accident which rendered him paralysed. 

So how is Neuralink done? There are threads, which are smaller than a human hair and go into your brain. They are actually so small, we have to rely on a robot to do this surgery. After this, you would receive an app that would help teach you how to move the mouse and click with your mind!

So there are a few questions that are obvious. “When can I get one?” for starters. Well, while it is currently free to get the chip, don’t go rushing off. You can only apply for it if you are above 22 and disabled with some form of condition. These people wouldn’t be able to use a computer easily normally, but can now use the mouse with not much trouble. However, according to Noland, it still isn’t perfect and can definitely be improved.

Another question is “Will we get mind controlled?” or “When can I do everything from my mind?”. The answer to the first question is that the possibility of getting mind controlled is very unlikely. The only way a chip in your brain would be able to mind control you is that it would send out electrical impulses to different parts of your brain moving your body. This technology would take decades to develop and if Neuralink or some similar company does develop it, chances are the military of any country would stop them, so you don’t need to worry!

As for the second question, these chips once released to the public would be extremely expensive and if you get a chip, you might not be able to get a second one. It could be 20 years before they allow you to fully control everything although it's more likely to be 15.  And also there is the ethical question. How far can we go until we are still considered human? Will this cause a further divide between rich and poor? What could this do if in the wrong hands? What about hacking? Would that change? Could you hack a person?

At the moment, it is uncertain how exactly putting chips into the brain is changing humans and how the future will change because of this or if these chips even permanent. However, Elon Musk is continuing to use this on people and it is changing their life for the better.


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