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Tasty Bites at KTS

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

At Knights Templar our Canteen has a wide variety of food from hot meals, quick snacks and tasty treats. At school one of my favourite foods that there is at Knights Bites is the Pizza slice and also the sausage roll. Some of the things that I have put in this review might not be to everyone’s likening.

"The sausage roll has mountains of flavour and it’s great”

Pizza Slice 

In my opinion the pizza slice is arguably the best thing that the canteen serves because there is so much flavour.

Price: £1.30

School dinner

The School dinner is one most complex meals the school serve and changes with the schedule. When it's bought with the pudding it's particularly great value. Price: £2.20 with pudding £2.60

Cheese and pepperoni pizza baguette

The Cheese and pepperoni baguette is like a pizza merged with a baguette. It tasted so good and is coked to perfection. Price: £1.30

Garlic bread

I absolutely love the garlic bread because I am a big garlic fan. The crispy edges are absolutely amazing. The flavour is impeccable. Price: £1.00

Hash browns

Personally, I have never had a hash brown, but I asked other students and they said it is a lovely quick snack. Apparently, the crispy outside shell is really nice. Price: £1.30


You can probably tell that at Knights Templar the Waffle is probably one of the most popular if not the most popular thing that they sell. Everyone buys them. In my opinion I prefer the waffles when they have not been under the heat lamp because they get dry. I think the waffle is a really good thing to get at Knights Bites, so if you haven’t had it I extremely recommend. Price: £1.20

Sausage roll

The sausage roll has lots of flavour and is a great snack. It's a classic British food that we all have heard of and probably had many times.  Price: £1.30


I personally always buy a drink every time I get some food at KTS. My personal favourite is the apple Randol fizz - a popular selection of drinks loved by thirsty KTS scholars. Price: £1.00


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