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Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Friends of KTS address cost of living crisis with new ‘Preloved’ shop, writes J McLeod

The Friends of KTS has launched a new online shop selling second-hand uniform provided by the Year 11 leavers. With new inflation prices soaring high, The Friends of KTS has set up the shop on Facebook at a perfect time to help all families, with very reasonable prices. The scheme is led by Deborah Simpson and Lorraine Northern

Most of the items will cost just £3, with blazers costing only £5. After adding up the costs, you will realise that purchasing clothes from this shop can save you a large amount of money. The original price of the blazer starts at £32, meaning you’d save at least £27!

Mrs Roper, who takes charge of matters regarding The Friends of KTS, has said that the reason for the launch of the shop is that it is “Just providing a service.” I think the small, non-profit business like ‘Preloved’ should be a service that everyone has access to and should be introduced in other schools as well. The proceeds are being paid into the Friends of KTS account, which will go straight to the students.

To find an item/items from this shop, click on the link below.

As a side note, the school would like to remind you to collect your lost property items, otherwise they will be gathered and sold with the other products at the online shop.

Photo: The Knights Templar School


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