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Splatoon 3

Play it on Nintendo Switch

In a nutshell?

The splatoon games are all 3rd person combat games set in addictive cartoon graphics.

Splatoon 3 is the newest game in the Splatoon series where the Inklings (human-like creatures that can transform into squids and swim through ink) battle it out in turf wars to claim the most land and defeat the other team in 4 versus 4 battles. There is also a story mode and a ranked battle mode where there are different twists every stage change. In the story mode you fall into a crater which later collapses and you are left in this strange world called Altera where you must help the new new Squidbeak splatoon save their capitan.

Is it any good?

This is one of the best combat based games on the Nintendo Switch. You have to fight to claim the most ground and splat opponents to claim victory. In order to kill your opponents you need to hit them with paint by pressing ZR. There are other ways to inflict damage on enemies such as throwing bombs with R or destroying them with your specials with R3.

Best gameplay pieces

The best bit of the game is turf war because it is fast paced and thrill-inducing. I also really enjoy the story mode because it provides a variety of challenges such as using unlimited specials to reach the goal. There is also the salmon run where you try to survive three waves whilst collecting golden eggs.


Splatfests are events that happen every so often where everyone pledges their alliance to a team and they battle it out over a weekend to determine which team is the best. The way this is decided is done over two categories which are: clout which is essentially a point count and wins in which the winner is the team with the most match wins. The wins are split into two sections regular and pro and whoever gets the most points across the three categories wins.

You would like this if you play

If you like Fortnite you would like this game as it's like squads mode but you are trying to paint as much ground as you can.


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