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Park Life?

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Our school has announced that they will be sending staff to monitor students in Avenue Park. This could have a considerable impact on our community. Is this hindering the privacy of our students after a long hard day of work at school, or is this a good move to stop anti-social behaviour in school uniform? J Green writes his opinion about it.

What is going on at the park?

Many students choose to go to the park after school. This is a healthy use of their time, getting them off screens and to socialise more. Some may not have a home like environment, so this is the best option they have. The park is well funded and nice to visit by people of all ages so our students are healthily exposed to the community.

What is the school doing?

With the new changes proposed by the school, teachers will now be stationed at the park to catch bad behaviour and foul language by KTS students. On one hand, this sounds like a great idea, students misbehaving can give our school a bad reputation and should be caught and sanctioned appropriately. On the other hand, students are saying this violates their privacy and other members of the community.

We asked student J Farrow what he thinks of this new change: “I think what students do outside of school is our own personal lives. I think teachers should only intervene when the situation reaches a level of great danger or violence against other people in the community.”

Good Or Bad Choice?

This choice is certainly a controversial one, as many students will feel as if their privacy is being violated. This could make it impossible for you to be natural and have a great time with your mate, knowing that a teacher is watching your every move. This also creates several scenarios without a clear answer, such as what if you fall off the swing and hurt your leg and swear? Will the teachers give the same punishment that would be given in school for swearing? Or what if you and your mates have an innocent playfight for a bit of fun? Will they end up in isolation?

In conclusion, we think that what students do outside of school is their own business and pupils should be given their own privacy and fun time at the park. However, I do understand that while we’re wearing school uniform the school has responsibility over us.

Photos: L Russell; M Gudgion


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