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Meet your new rulers: The Battle Cats!

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Here's M Ellis's guide to this game of mortal moggy mayhem

The hit mobile and PC game, The Battle Cats is a triumph of Feline Warfare. Unlock new cats from the gacha, use your Cat Food or Rare tickets to have a go at the rare Gacha! There are 4 types of rarities you can get from this:

  • Rare - Nothing special, but can help you a lot!

  • Super Rare - Something that is definitely good! Use it if you can.

  • Uber Rare - Something that is incredibly powerful, use all materials on it if you can!

  • Legend Rare - Something so powerful that it seemed nothing more than a myth. Hard to upgrade, but is definitely worth it.

Then, on the battlefield, you can summon up your cat army and battle it out against many enemy types and destroy their base. Conquer anything you can! Denmark? No problem! America? Piece of cake! The Moon? Quick as a flash! But remember to protect your base too, or it's game over! But it's your army, your rules! But you got to start out simple. Let’s introduce… THE NORMAL CATS! These are the very first cats you will receive, and some will stay with you to the bitter end!

  • Basic Cat - A round, small feline with a powerful bite.

  • Tank Cat - A tall, oval shaped feline with high defence.

  • Axe Cat - An axe wielding cat. Effective against Red Enemies, which I’ll show you soon!

  • Gross Cat - His legs are longer than any you’ve ever seen! Deals amazing damage.

  • Fish Cat - A fish shaped yet fluffy addition to your team. Effective against red.

  • Titan Cat - The tallest, muscular and most powerful of the Basic Cats. Slow, but deals insane damage and stops at almost nothing to destroy the enemy base.

"Welcome to the Cat Base! Prepare yourself for battle here! When you're ready, attack!"

The enemies are to be feared, but with powerful cats they seem like a breeze. There are 9 types of enemies. First up is Traitless, the first type you’ll encounter, often a plain white colour. Red type enemies are coloured a crimson red, and not a huge threat. Aliens come from outer space, usually light cyan and sometimes adorned with stars. In the dark are the Black enemies, blacker than the night sky, with blood red eyes. Above the skies are Floating enemies, they fly above the ground, and some are just birds. Usually not a threat.

Angels are white with a halo. Often appear on cloud levels. Watch out for the Zombies, the undead, risen from the grave! Can only be killed by troops with the Zombie Killer ability! The super tough Metals only take damage from critical hits, this makes them super tough! Then there are the Relics, ancient beings, brought to life by mysterious forces. Finally, the Aku, demons from the underworld, ready to take over!

All of these enemies appear, usually on different stages. Some enemy types work together in levels to take you down! Don’t fear; you can equip up to ten different cats for each level! The best enemy in my opinion is Bun Bun (below). Powerful and intimidating, defeating him will feel amazing. He is a well made and balanced enemy, and he floats above the ground, meaning he's a Floating enemy!

"Done with Story Mode? Take on expert challenges at the Stories of Legend. Clear all stages for a chance to get powerful units!"

Challenging levels await, with new enemies slowly easing you into the difficult parts! Overall, this game is fun, easy to pick up and SUPER addicting. I myself cannot put it down! Tons of unique units and enemies, lots of challenging stages to keep you playing. It also has an amazing community who are usually very nice people. 5/5 stars, definitely worth a go. Check it out!


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