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Make Mine Some Rubble

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

H Peacock delves into the latest Minecraft world of 1.18: Caves and Mountains

Minecraft is a multi-player game that has millions of young and old players building and exploring its block worlds. It is a sandbox game which means there are no limitations on the character’s world or what they can create. The latest update - Caves and Mountains - have made it even more compulsive.

This recent update has introduced numerous fantastic new items to the game. Many players have been waiting patiently for this update as which was originally leaked quite some time ago, and it has finally finished the Caves and Cliffs update pack. The 1.18 update provides the players with lots of new ideas for builds, and so much more.

Some of the new additions in this update are new include immense mountains, reaching extreme heights and vast caves that stretch down beyond zero to Y -64! (Y is the axis showing the depth or height of the world). Stone will now transition to deep slate and certain types of ores and structures still generate in the deepslate, as well as “tuff” – a type of stone and gravel. This creates a whole new world of possibilities for Minecraft fans.

Mountains will now appear in six sub-biomes: Meadows, Groves, Snowy Slopes, Jagged Peaks, Frozen Peaks and Stony Peaks. With Pillager (a character in the game who raid villages) Outposts generating in them all.

The first part of the Mountain Pack is Snowy Slopes. These generate at the base of a mountain, specifically when it is next door to a plains or snowy tundra biome. They are often covered in snow, snow blocks or powdered snow. It is only possible for rabbits and goats to spawn in this area, although igloos can generate in this biome.

This recent update has introduced numerous fantastic new items to the game.

Then there are Jagged Peaks. These are one of the three peak sub-biomes that generate in the mountain peak biome. They are covered in snow blocks and stone, and tend to generate in sharp, jagged pieces in areas with snowy, cold and temperate climates. Only goats can spawn in this biome.

Next in the mountain pack are Frozen Peaks; these are also one of the three that generate in mountain peaks. They are covered in snow, snowy blocks, ice and packed ice. They generate in smoother, less jagged peaks in areas with snowy, cold and temperate climates - again only goats can spawn here.

Finally, the mountainous pack finishes with Snowy Peaks, which are the last of the three sub-biomes that generate in mountain peaks. They can generate in the mountain and are covered in stone, gravel and strips of calcite. They generate in any peaks that are surrounded by warm biomes, such as jungles and savannahs - this is to avoid temperature clashes. No animals can spawn in this area.

Thank you for reading our guide and NewsKnight hopes you enjoy this new version of Minecraft... Happy Mining!


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