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KTS Girls Score Another Victory!

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Midfield maestro S Banister reports as the KTS Year 7 girls took on Ashlyns School

Year 7 girls posing after their latest triumph

On the wet and windy Wednesday before half-term, the Year 7 girls were excited to play their first football match for KTS; a county cup game against Ashlyns School, Berkhamsted.

The game started with both teams playing equally well, but then Ashlyns took their chance and scored which annoyingly meant they took the lead. KTS took it in their stride and a couple of minutes later they scored their first goal from Ellana. It was a powerful finish, top right corner, but it was off-side meaning the goal didn’t count. They kept their heads up and carried on ploughing through. Finally, the goal came! This time scored by Honey, another great strike, making it 1-1. After that it was half-time with the goal putting them back in the game.

Raring to go for the second half, KTS heard the whistle blow and were ready to keep up their hard work. Around 10 minutes in, KTS were able to knock in another goal created from a pass from the left, letting Honey adjust her feet and scoring top bins, making that her second goal and a score 2-1.

"A fabulous start for the year 7 team."

Not letting their hopes get too high, they settled from the excitement and kept focused. Not long after, the final goal came. Amelie ran down the right wing and was able to tuck the goal in behind the goalie. The girls kept the pressure on, creating more chances, but the final whistle blew leaving the match to end 3-1 to KTS.

It was a well-deserved win with KTS being the better team who battled hard all the way. Izzy, the team captain, quoted “A fabulous start for the Year 7 team. We’ve got an exceptional team and I look forward to future matches. I definitely think we are good enough to win the County Cup!”. Miss Rappachi said “It was amazing to come away with a 3-1 win, and the girls have done the school proud”.

They are now looking forward to the next round.


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