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KTS Alumni Takes Top BBC Job

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Deborah Turness, An ex-pupil of our school has now become the CEO of BBC news, one of the premier jobs in UK media. H Peacock looks at her amazing career...

Deborah was educated by Saint Francis college and our very own Knights Templar School, followed by the University of Surrey where she did a degree in French and English. She then did a postgraduate course in journalism at the University of Bordeaux, in France.

 She joined ITN in 1988, straight after university and in 1993 she joined the Washington branch of ITN. In 2000, Turness became Deputy Editor of five news before later being promoted to Editor in 2002. During 2002 she worked on Channel 4 before quitting later to re-join ITV news. She went through many pieces and more news before landing herself the position of the CEO of BBC news.

 KTS Head, Mr Hutchings, says: "It's fantastic to see the success of an ex-Knights Templar student. We hope in the future she will be able to come back and share some of her experiences with our current students."

Pictures:, Video: KTS Newscast


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