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Behind the scenes of Prom 2023

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Attending a prom with all of your classmates - what a beautiful way to end your secondary school experience. Read on to learn what KTS’ prom this year will include, writes J McLeod

With anticipation of KTS’ Prom ‘23, NewsKnight thought they would meet with Miss Oetgen to see what’s going on behind the scenes.

On the 6th July, the prom will be held at Knebworth Barns, a beautiful part of Knebworth House, which has a well-deserved reputation of being grand and luxurious.

This year’s theme is “An Enchanted Evening,” with the decor leaning more toward “An Enchanted Garden.”

“All credit needs to go to Miss Stokes,” says Miss Oetgen, in terms of decorations for the prom. “She’s very humble about it, and is not taking any of the credit, but it is 99% Miss Stokes putting a lot of effort into it.”

From what I’ve been told, the decor is mostly of lavish floral, foliage things draped all around, with fairy lights fringing the elegant room.

Even small things such as seating arrangement cards and tickets have been made into mini masterpieces, everything being coordinated with the decor theme of “An Enchanted Garden.” The tickets are studded with glittering gems, with traditional wax seals.

The centre pieces, although I have to be quite secret due to not wanting to ruin the surprise, are phenomenal, and exquisite in terms of detail.

The sumptuous interior of Knebworth Barns, Knebworth

I asked Miss Oetgen what she will miss most about being Year 11's year leader. She said:

“I’m going to miss the variety it brought to my day; I was going to say, no day was the same but no hour was the same.

"We fell out a bit, me and my Year 11s, but then we also had some great moments; they never failed to make me laugh, so I am going to miss a lot of the personality that they brought. I think the one thing you can never say about that year group is that they were boring.

"I’m hoping that my new year group will entertain me as much as they did.”

Photos: J McLeod, Knebworth House


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