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As the Cube Falls

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Play on PC, Android, IOS


Pg3d is often described as the merge of Minecraft and Fortnite. It was a copycat game of Minecraft but it’s gone beyond that.

Pg3d is a great game with a large

community of gamers. It is unique after its Minecraft-style origins. It broke away from the Minecraft theme and got creative. Pg3d does have gliders, pickaxes and trails so it’s understandable how it's like Fortnite. There is also a battle royale game mode which includes cars, chests, locations and players to go up against. The Minecraft part of it is mostly because it's all cubes but there are other hints such as the large number of bows, plus the diamond hoes, axes, swords and iron pickaxes. Pg3d is known for its wide range of weapons, they are normally super-whacky and fun to use

There are also a large range of game modes such as team fight, duel, team strike, death match, battle royale and much more!


There are so many different maps with such intricate designs. You can even win the most awesome, OP weapon - the Ultimatum. Work up the ranks from Brown to Champions and you could pack weapon - it’s amazing.

Eventually you'll find that there is a battle pass where you can earn many new rewards, especially because there is a new one every month. There is also a special traders van that comes every week with good rewards.

If you wonder how, you get good loot and weapons, it's all through the chest, which refreshes every day. You watch five ads (pg3d must make money somehow) and you'll end up with a few diamonds and coins - these come in very handy! There is also the lottery which is a raffle that can get you pieces to a weapon, if you collect 250.


The detailed and bright graphics and hours of endless high-octane gaming entertainment.


‘Try-hards’ can make the game kind of frustrating sometimes by playing in rage mode. Happily, there aren't many of them.

YOU’D LOVE THIS IF YOU PLAY... games such as Minecraft, Fortnite, any sandbox games and first person shooters.


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