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A Trip to a Galaxy Far Far Away

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Disney World Florida is a dream destination for many, J Farrow was lucky enough to visit this iconic resort

After an early start, we headed straight for Hollywood Studios. The main thing I wanted to do that day was to go to Star Wars Galaxies Edge which is a 11-acre experience where they have recreated the land of Batu.

In the first section there is the Rise of Resistance - an interactive ride/experience featuring life-sized replicas of the Resistance's ships dotted around the main entrance. You can buy drinks which are shaped like flash grenades -I thought was a really cool little detail. We then headed into the market a replica of a Batu market; it was simply amazing. The sheer amount of detail that they put in was out of this world.

All of the shops looked really authentic and so did the food market with a droid in the middle speaking and talking. They also sold all the food from the movies and comics. After we got some (food which was amazing) we walked down these steps and entered the first order section. There we almost bumped into Kylo Ren - there with two stormtroopers standing in front of his ship! 

Nearby was Savi's workshop -Handbuilt Lightsaber building and The Droid Depo where you can make your own customizable remote-control speaking droid. This was the main thing I wanted to do so we headed in and waited, and I chose to make a RD-D2 unit because I love R2-D2. All the parts are on a long conveyor belt, and you can mix and match but only with the parts of your selected droid type. In the end I made a see-through headed droid with a blue body and white legs with little buttons and switches. After linking my droid to the controller, I turned it. Loads of lights start flashing and my droid started beeping and talking. 

Once that is done, they put your droid in a really cool Star Wars cargo crate, you can carry it around but there are lookers which we put mine in so I didn't have to carry it because it is quite heavy

Next, we went on one of the two rides there called Smugglers run which is a ride where you are flying the Millennium Falcon (Han-Solo's ship). Your mission is to steal a package of Coaxium for the resistance. You can be a pilot, gunner or engineer. When I went on it the first time, I was the gunner which was quite cool. You get to shoot all of the first order TIE fighters down. The second time I was a pilot which was the best possession to be because it's the most interactive, one pilot steers the ship the other controls the height and takes it into hyperspace (that part was the best).

After that I went to Dock-Ondars which is an ancient relic shop where I bought a Jedi Holocron (see below) which is a way of storing knowledge. It came with four messages from Obi Wan Kenobi - the messages are warnings about the clone troopers turning on the Jedi and killing them. I also bought three other crystals these include Jedi Master Yoda, Mace Windo and Asoka Tano who also fought in the clone wars with Obi Wan. I really love the Holocron because it has really cool features and great attention to detail plus it is quite accurate to the actual Holocrons you see in the series, films and the old comics.

One of the main items I bought was Anakin’s remastered Jedi Legacy Lightsaber (see above) which is definitely one of the coolest things I own. The case it comes in makes for a great display as it is made really well.

Photos: Disney


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