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A Tree for the Queen

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Duke of Edinburgh students at KTS have taken part in a national tree-planting scheme, reports B Madjaros

Students from KTS’ DofE have planted a tree for the Queen’s Green Canopy. The initiative started after the Platinum Jubilee to plant trees and help the environment in honour of Queen Elizabeth II, England’s previous monarch. Select students from Year 10 & 11 were selected to help Ivel Springs, the nearby nature reserve. KTS was selected due to students’ involvement in local environment projects as part of the Volunteering section of their Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh Awards

Selected by the DofE (Duke of Edinburgh), year 10 and 11 students planted a tree celebrating the life and achievements of Queen Elizabeth. The lucky students started helping the new project to plant two new acres of woodlands, litter picking and cleaned the river Ivel from rubbish carelessly thrown in it.

“We were honoured to be chosen to plant a tree for the Queen’s Green Canopy,” said Mrs Hammond-Ward, who is the school’s DofE lead. “Which will hopefully grow in the school grounds for years to come. In our tree planting with the Rotary club since 2020, KTS students have seen the importance of tree planting to improve local green spaces for the future.”

The DofE team has also helped the Rotary Club plant the trees and made sure to wear Craghopper jackets to stay warm! The rotary club started the new woodland up near Ivel Springs and invited people who did DofE and they show no sign of stopping!


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