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A Show is Born

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Voting fever hit KTS as the Drama Department gave the school community the choice between two amazing: 39 Steps and The Blue Stockings. J Dillon reports

Following a close vote (60 to 40 per cent), the school chose 39 Steps as our school production. This represented the closest vote ever. The show will be on stage later in 2023 with auditions for would-be actors and backstage crew in progress. The

Drama Department shared their excitement to work on 39 steps and their delight to see so much excitement from students.

The winner, 39 Steps, which was originally a novel then two films (1935 and 1959); it was adapted by Patrick Barlow into a wildly comic thriller for the stage. It’s about a man with a boring life who meets a woman who says she’s a spy but soon a mysterious organisation called The 39 Steps is hot on the man’s trail in a nationwide manhunt. This production is set to be another smash hit at KTS Towers!

Photo: J Farrow


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