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A Fond Farewell!

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

As assistant head Mr Barker-Sherry leaves KTS towers, L. Russell quizzed him about his time at Baldock’s premier secondary school

NK: So why are you leaving KTS?

MBS: I have worked at kts for just under 10 years. I started here when I first qualified as a teacher, and I became an assistant headteacher just over four years ago. I have learnt so much working here. However, I need a new challenge. Also, having got married in the summer, I am very keen to work closer to where I live,so that I have more time for my family.

I will be starting as an assistant headteacher at a school in Cambridgeshire in January, and I will have responsibility for personal development, which I am really excited about.

NK: What has been your favourite memory at our school?

MBS: Spending a decade in the same place. It is impossible to pick out one favourite memory. There are so many things I have seen and done at this school that I have enjoyed. These memories will stay with me forever.

I should certainly mention my form group when I first started here in 2013,10 Bennett I still have our form photo up on my office wall. Their picture will be moving to my new office in my new school. Being a form tutor is really special. Your job is to be the champion of the thirty students in your care, ensuring that they get their right to a good education and making them know that they are important and that they belong.

NK: What did you enjoy most about teaching modern foreign languages?

MBS: The students that I taught - I enjoy seeing them trying hard and being successful. And most of all, I love seeing how proud students are when they succeed. Learning another language is not easy so they are totally right to be proud.

NK: How does it feel to be leaving such an amazing school?

MKS: I am going to miss the school. I am 37 years old, so KTS has been a substantial part of my life. It will be a significant change for me. I am going to miss the students I taught this year, and the students I’ve taught previously. I’m also going to miss working with the most dedicated and talented teachers and support staff.

NK: what has been your favourite trip/event at KTS?

MBS: I used to lead a Christmas markets trip to Germany, which I would have to say was my favourite trip. But over my time here, I have been lucky to join so many trips: the Year 7 Brittany trip with Mrs Oget and the Year 10 battlefields trip with Mrs Robertson certainly feature highly on my list.

NK: What will you miss about KTS?

MBS: The people, without doubt. As I’ve said I will miss the students I work with and have worked with. They make me smile. They make me laugh. They make me think, and some of them can occasionally make me a little annoyed. But I can't overstate this, KTS is lucky to have such dedicated teachers and support staff. They work so hard to ensure students get the good education to which they are entitled. While all teachers and support staff are my colleagues, some of them are my good friends, too. I will be in regular contact with them when I leave ,but it will be strange to stop working with them.

NK: What has been the biggest thing you have overcome in your teaching career?

MBS: This is quite a challenging question! I would probably say the most important thing that I have learned to do is to learn what is and what isn't important. I am an enthusiastic person and I like to do everything I do well. But the reality is there are not enough hours in a day, days in a week, or weeks in the year. Therefore you have to focus on is what matters the most and what is going to make the biggest, most positive difference.

Photo: Mrs Sherry's Own


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