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A Beauty of a Production

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Everyone is looking forward to the KTS production of Beauty and the Beast. H Peacock caught up with director Miss Spurling to find out more…

NK What’s the best thing about working on a huge school production?

I believe that this production is a great opportunity for students to work together and it's great to see different sides of students.

NK: How is the production coming along?

I think the production requires a lot of work especially considering the small amount of time we have. But we are maintaining a fantastic speed thanks to Tom Shackleton and his help.

NK: How has covid affected the production of the play?

Covid has had a drastic effect on the production and it has caused many absences. Students also have to rehearse whilst wearing masks which is really strange. I can imagine it’s really uncomfortable but very necessary.

NK: Who do you think suits the role of the beast out of the staff?

I think the perfect beast out of the school staff would be Mr Breadmore or Mr White because they have a certain beastly air about them. However, for the beauty of the play I think Miss Millet would be perfect due to her experience in drama training.

NK So what’s the plot of Beauty and the Beast?

After many adventures, Belle becomes trapped in the Beast’s castle. Her stay in the dark castle is lightened by the help of the Beast’s servants who have been magically turned into cutlery, plates, tea pots etc when the Beast became, erm, the Beast. However, gradually we discover that underneath his thick fur, perhaps the Beast has a heart after all. The story is plunged into turmoil when an admirer of Belle’s, the arrogant and violent Gaston, tracks her down and plans the Beast's bloody demise.

Pictures: Henry Peacock,


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