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Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

This hit Japanese Manga has spawned an amazing game - Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Eyes of Heaven has some awesome characters ready for you to fight, writes M Ellis

The famous manga and anime known as Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (also known as JJBA) has come to the PS4 as a 2v2 arena fighting game! Choose from anyone from all parts, from Phantom Blood to Jojolion. Over 50 characters are awaiting a battle! All 8 Jojo’s star in the game too, including Jonathan Joestar, Jolyne Kujo and Giorno Giovanna. With 12 free-roam stages, all with gimmicks and dangers you must avoid, and you can even fight other people from around the world in the multiplayer mode.

Across time and space, all the Jojos from all the sagas return for another grand battle

The Story Mode also features fighting, against powerful versions of characters, possessed by the mysterious corpse parts. But an evil force known as DIO is trying to gather everyone up to become a god. DIO then plans to erase the game's universe and make a universe where he always wins. You can play as Jotaro Kujo and many other Jojos to take down the monstrous DIO and save the universe from erasure, as well as rescuing characters.

There are different kinds of fighters, including vampires that regenerate health over time: Hamon Users deal out lots of damage towards vampires and then there are

Stand Users. As hinted by the name, characters use stands which are your fighting spirit personified. Only other stand users can see them: so whether it's from birth or gained from a special arrow, almost all stand users are powerful. The finishing touch however, is that stands have abilities, which allow them to do all kinds of things. For example, Rohan Kishibe’s stand, Heaven's Door, allows him to open up a person like a book, and read, erase and make new memories. So you better not keep any secrets near him!

If you play JBA, remember to try out every combo, button and teams because some teams have a

powerful attack known as a Dual Heat Attack. A Dual Heat Attack is a powerful move in which both players attack one enemy with a super powerful move. However, this is restricted to specific team combos, like Kakyoin and Jotaro or Koichi and Yukako. They even have their own names, like Invincible Heroine and Go! Go!! Go!!!

Every character has unique abilities and attacks, so try out every character until you find one you like! How about Pet Shop, a bird stand user that can use icy powers to freeze you like a popsicle?

Or Josuke Higashikata, with his healing abilities and short temper towards anyone who insults his hair? Or maybe even Weather Report, who can make it rain poisonous frogs and make you think you’re a snail?

Whatever character you are used to playing as, Eyes Of Heaven has a good character to suit your needs.

Overall, a unique game for a unique manga/anime series. With characters definitely worth the game's price tag, costumes that look amazing and even reference older colour palettes, it’s worth a good 5 stars.


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