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Destiny 2: The Witch Queen

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

J Farrow reviews the latest update of Destiny 2: The Witch Queen. Read more about this excellent game, and what it has to offer!

Destiny 2 is a complex game which is playable across most platforms including Xbox, PlayStation and PC. I love this game because it’s always updating to keep the gameplay fresh and new! For instance, while playing Destiny, I have noticed the option to customise your abilities and the amour that you are wearing.

"It’s always updating to keep the gameplay fresh and new"

The newest chapter in Destiny 2 is The Witch Queen. In this chapter, the witch queen has taken over an evil civilisation called the hive, and is planning to take over the human race world by world. Your task is to stop her from doing this by using her own weapons against her. When you start the campaign, you are introduced to a whole new world, new weapons, and new mechanics. If you have played Destiny 2, you would know that the story is too complex to explain what happens bit by bit!

Destiny 2 is a free campaign, but has cosmetics that are not the season pass. These cosmetics can give you XP boosters, extra loot, and a better levelling up system. I highly recommend these cosmetics as they make gameplay much better, despite having to pay the additional £8.

Although the game is free to play, the extra campaign of The Witch Queen, which comes with extra loot drops, costs £30. This is expensive, but definitely worth it. If you want the full Destiny experience, you can by the deluxe version, which comes with extra DLCs. For example, it comes with the 30th anniversary pack, which is amazing because it opens you up to three different planets to explore.

To sum up, I can confidently say that Destiny 2 is a game which will never stop to impress. Check it out, you will enjoy it as much as I do.



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